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Clarke confronts her; Raven punches Clarke for accusing her of doing it.Lexa nearly kills Raven, but Bellamy figures out it was Gustus who poisoned the cup, and Clarke proves it to Lexa by drinking from the bottle herself. When Lincoln confronts Bellamy about how he knew it was Gustus, he says Gustus would do anything to protect Lexa.Lexa is a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The 100, produced by The CW.The recurring television character (portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey) does not appear in the books on which the series is based.They escape, but become temporarily trapped in its cage.

Clarke immediately thinks it was Raven, as she was Finn's former girlfriend and loved him.

The relationship was, however, criticized for being unnecessarily tragic, leading the "bury your gays" trope to rise to a national debate.

In "Fog of War," two days after a massacre, mechanic and explosives expert Raven discovers Mount Weather has jammed communications, preventing them from reaching out to other potential survivors from the Ark (a ship that held descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before).

The survivors become known as Sky People to the Grounders (descendants of humans on Earth who survived the nuclear apocalypse).

After a group of survivors find the communications tower, they are forced to split and take shelter from an acid fog.


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