Intimidating senior slogans

At the same time, there is a school of thought particularly left of centre-left politics that takes the viewpoint that there is no such thing as an illegal person – the planet belongs to all of us and national borders are artificial constructs.It exposes some of the inherent contradictions of globalisation and capitalism: To have increasingly efficient markets the theory states you need to remove barriers to the flow of wealth, capital, information and finally labour.Won’t someone think of the carbon emissions or about the traffic in congested parts of South London?

It’s not as if the only people that will be impacted by the slogans will be the targeted migrants.

The increased profile of ‘open policy-making’ within civil service circles has only confirmed this further for me.

But there is a growing chasm between what is happening in civil service circles and what is happening in party politics.

On the day that the Evening Standard published its story, the Executive Director of Government Communications at Cabinet Office, Alex Aiken tweeted to Puffles the following: This was from a conference of civil service communications and press office types, a group I keep in touch with because of the impact that social media is having on their work.

Back in January 2012 I hosted a workshop on the impact of social media on Whitehall (see here), provocatively stating that the traditional press office was becoming obsolete as members of the public demanded to get through directly to policy advisers.


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