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I'm not here to pitch all of you but I would love to hear what you all as teachers want from a program like mine.What are your biggest needs as a tea Hi there, I'm Charlotte.I do online assignments in the One Note Class Notebook for these classes (although this term I am having the students take grammar notes from the textbook grammar tutorial videos, something more active than when I have presented the grammar videos in the past). What is the "right" balance for all of this providing feedback, grading student work and when and how much going over answers as a class? Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide me. My name is Daniel and I started a website that provides free Spanish material a while ago (

Twitter makes it easy to opt into or out of networks.Can anyone recommend a list of subjects or a place where I can get the information of what topics are covered at which grade? I'm not teaching AP Spanish this year, but an Advanced level set using the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam topics would be fabulous. For my 2's, I'd like holidays but not just the "big" ones like Christmas but maybe some Independence day or Mother's/Father's Day. My district has a fast pacing guide and we are on block (4x4 block) with around 74 instructional days more or less per course / class term.So, I question the effectiveness of spending time going over class work and homework as an entire class.Facebook's terms of use state that members must be at least 13 years old with valid email ID's.


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