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That is why there are mementos of his childhood on it, such as the grand prize trophy for the “National Agriculture Awards, Processed Foods Category” and photos from his childhood.” mentioned in the “Ancients Project Outline” document in Scene 03-18 refers to “Jenova”, an intelligent life form known as the “calamity from the skies” which crashed into the Knowlespole on a meteorite approximately 2000 years before.

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Or it is a symbol of the Lifestream itself, something like the planet’s will.Likewise, there are individual variances in their degradation, but this is also largely influenced by the condition of Genesis’ cells, and when his cells themselves have degraded, the speed of degradation for all Genesis Copies is also sped up.The landowners of Banora who took in Genesis after he was put up for adoption.In Scene 09-02, there is a section where Zack is standing on water and looking up at a white feather floating down from a blue sky.When we asked the development staff about their intentions for the direction in this scene, we received the following response.Just as humans each have individual differences in their growth, so too do Copies.


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