Windows not validating valid copy

NET Framework 1.1 ( SP1) - KB886903: Security Update for . NET Framework 2.0 Microsoft Journal Viewer 1.5.2316.0 (only in Full) Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (KB907265) MSN Messenger 7.5.0324 (only in Full) User Profile Hive Cleanup 1.6d Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) Windows Media Player 10.0.3802 Windows Media Connect 2.0 (only in Full) Windows Messenger 5.1.0701 (only in Full) Windows Script 5.6 for Windows XP (v5.6.0.8825) - 'Royale' Theme (only in Full) 5x Screensavers (only in Full) Adaptec ASPI Bootvis 1.3.37 (only in Full) Copy Profile Tool Delete Microsoft Java VM tool Direct X Control Panel applet Google Toolbar (only in Full) IE spell 2.2.0(only in Full) Power Menu 1.5.1 Remove Windows Messenger tool Macromedia Flash Player for Internet Explorer (only in Full) Macromedia Flash Player for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Netscape (only in Full) Macromedia Shockwave Player v10.1.1.16 (only in Full) Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP (only in Full) Microsoft Windows User State Migration Tool v2.6.1 Official Windows XP Power Toys (only in Full): - Alt-Tab Replacement - CD Slide Show Generator - Clear Type Tuner - HTML Slide Show Wizard - Image Resizer - Open Command Window Here - Power Calculator - Sync Toy v1.2 - Taskbar Magnifier - Virtual Desktop Manager - Webcam Timershot Startup Control Panel 2.8 Tweak UI 2.10 Tweak UI Control Panel applet Wallpapers (only in Full): - Auto Patcher Wallpaper - Delete Win9x style wallpapers option - Delete default Win XP wallpapers option - New Wallpapers (x16 at last count) Windows Uptime Tool - OEM can only do a clean install or a Repair (in place) install (go Here for instructions) - it cannot do an "Upgrade".

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of Windows is one that comes with a new Computer. The license for an OEM version of Windows XP is tied forever to the first computer it was installed and activated on. NOTE: As of February 28th 2005, all COA keys affixed to the computer case will have internet activation disabled.

It may be preinstalled or included as a CD, or both. If you make a major hardware change, such as installing an entirely different motherboard, the license is no longer valid. A mandatory phone call will be prompted to receive an override key after answering a series of questions which manually verify them as legitimate. Dell, HP, Gateway, etc..] purchased from e Bay and other similar vendors will be affected and may lose the ability to activate the questionable copies.

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A lot of people have 3 or more PC's in their home, and to purchase separate copies of not just Windows, but all the other software necessary to run a machine (antivirus, anti-spyware, Office, Graphics apps, utilities, etc) becomes prohibitively expensive. You may need to use them again, and this may be the last chance you will ever have to download them without validation !!! ln=en-us - these updates ALL require Validation Currently there are several ways to download Windows upgrades without Validation, as follows . and download Windows updates without validation !!!

Now they ask us to validate Windows every time we download a file ! For the actual Autopatcher downloads you will want to use one of the many "mirrors" (web servers) that store the files - or use bit torrents.

NOTE: the mirrors get the files first - and the Bit Torrents run behind.

Obviously they are trying to see if you have pirated software. But as you probably recall - instead, they thrived while forcing small companies out of business with bully tactics, and undercutting hundreds of software companies by crowbar'ing utilities into Windows with no option to leave them out (i.e. They monopolized the software industry and now have an unwritten policy to dominate all competitors, and destroy those that get in their way. while their lawyers serve one purpose - to tell them how far they can go without being shut down by the regulators. Now comes "validation", and it is more of the same - greed. You previous version, bought and paid for by you - is now worthless.

They get through their court battles with a slap on the wrist, and continue on . Why should we all be subjected to this for every download we ever request from here to eternity? Many people are unsure if their version is "genuine" and are afraid to run the validation tool.


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