Horror dating stories

We all love it when the Internet tries to scare us, especially when it taps into our imagination and lets us do most of the work of scaring ourselves.

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In the mid 8th century AD, Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria granted the estates to the Salzburg diocese; from 987 they were held by St Peter's Abbey.In this popular story by Skarjo, a man deeply locked into his routine is thrown off a little by the fact that he forgot his cell phone.This distracts him on his way to work and to drop off his daughter at the daycare on a hot day.The Keltenmuseum displays artifacts and narrative describing the early Hallstatt and La Tene Celtic cultures as well as the development of salt mining in the region through the Middle Ages and Renaissance.The Silent Night Museum features information relating to the composing of one of the best-known Christmas songs of the 19th century.With the former prince-archbishopric, Hallein became part of the Austrian Empire by 1816.


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