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They didn't realize that the invitation for the AIAW national tournament would include regular season results—they were invited as the 15th seed of the 16 invited teams. The team organized raffles to sell toothbrushes to raise enough money for the trip to Illinois State University.

They weren't able to raise enough money for all eleven players so only eight players, plus the coach were able to go.

The Immaculata team won their first three games, and in the final game, faced Rush's alma mater, West Chester State.

That game wasn't close, with West Chester State winning by 32 points 70–38.

Rush decided to attend West Chester State College in nearby Pennsylvania, majoring in physical education.

Just before the start of the game, the two arrived, announcing they had been in an auto accident.

Mooney was shaken up, but Shank broke her collarbone.

She taught physical education and health classes during her two-year stay at the school.

One of her strongest players was Theresa Shank (who would go on to a coaching career that earned her a spot in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame).


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