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The Ewe people think the weaving of Kente originates with them, although they are not claiming they invented the art of weaving.

They suggest that the name is derived from Kete which relates to the two alternating rhythmic actions (ke and te, meaning open and press in the Ewe language) associated with the weaving of the loom.

It was known as the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan between 18.

The 20th century saw the growth of Sudanese nationalism and in 1953 Britain granted Sudan self-government. Since independence, Sudan has been ruled by a series of unstable parliamentary governments and military regimes.

It is the third largest country in Africa and, covering one million square miles (2.59 million square kilometers).

The White Nile flows though the country, emptying into Lake Nubia in the north, the largest manmade lake in the world. The River Nile divides the country into eastern and western halves.

Per the oral history of the people, during the Ashante wars they captured some of their men who were skilled in the weaving of Agbamevor.

Missionaries converted the region to Christianity in the 6th century, but an influx of Muslim Arabs, who had already conquered, eventually controlled the area and replaced Christianity with Islam.

Names are derived from several sources, including proverbs, historical events, important chiefs, queen mothers, and plants. West Africa has had a cloth weaving culture for centuries via the stripweave method, but Akan history tells of the cloth being created independent of outsider influence.

Kente cloth has its origin from the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana , and was later adopted by the Ashanti’s in Ivory Coast who historically migrated from Ghana.

For that reason, the Ewes believe that the name Kete originates from the method used to weave such cloths which is also the same name that has been corrupted into kente, as time goes on.

Kente characterized by weft designs woven into every available block of plain weave is called adweneasa.


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