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I have such fond memories of it - the fair principal Miss Young, my teachers (Mrs. Chasing after girls because they had "cooties" yet if they turned on us, we ran for the same reason! I remember Ray Heatherton "The Merry Mailman" coming to visit (to our cafeteria) and the older kids being wildly rude - which I couldn't understand - I loved him! The daily Pledge of Allegiance, the patriotic songs memorized ... She got some kind of discount or something for saving receipts. I never had any of the teachers mentioned so far, but I did have Mr Holdridge in Berner HS. " I sold cases of oranges ad grapefruit until I saw them in my dreams! I remember buying Comics and balsa wood planes there and people having ice cream sodas at the counter.Goodwin, Miss Illmannsee (on whom I had a huge crush - I think she was later Mrs. Lollipop Farm, Nunley's Happyland, Frontierland, Freedomland. Using mucilage, cutting out construction paper for colors - and bringing in magazine pictures showing certain colors. My friend and I lied about our height so we could stand next to each other in Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir and Acapella Choir. I laughed every time someone would ask for a tissue. Then we all got together to unload the trucks when they came in. Monkey Mountain, at the zoo, was the highlight of any visit. She taught us the symphonette and from that I went on to play the clarinet and was in the band all the way through high school. Last time back in mass was three hrs ago maybe on a trip somewhere else. I started kindergarten at Hawthorne elementary in 1958. We all had to learn to play the symphonette, a flute-like instrument that ( I think) her husband may have invented??? My kindergarten teacher was Miss Curtain and the art teacher was Miss Walshmock. We join our hands in friendship beneath the gold and blue. Rae Hansen took over for the remainder of the year.

I would think, "Could I eat Musicaro's spaghetti right now?We went to Saint Rose of Lima - they were building a new one when we left - I remember the wooden slat folding chairs - presumably because the church's pews were insufficient for the congregation size. I’m 64 years old and I can remember when I was in Miss Curtain’s kindergarten class, smelling Miss Johnson’s perfume long before I’d see her coming down the hall. Loved the trips to sing in orphanages, nursing homes and the mall! Also, the best part of going to "All American", was the rumbling of the whole potatoes, as they rolled down the steel tracks above the counter, falling into the potato slicer, and then into the fryer.I went to catechism there - prepared for and received my First Confession and First Holy Communion (under the command of a very strict nun). I could also hear her coming because she always wore the kind of dress that made a wooosh sound when she walked down the hall. In Harbor Green, there was always a roaming gang of wild kids playing on the streets, running through neighbor's backyards, playing at construction sites; and having fun on the beach.While visiting my Grandparents in Brooklyn, my house had a fire, which turned out to have be caused by roast beef cooking in the oven.When the firemen brought out the charred remains of the roast beef, they all believed that it was my dog Beau Beau. For many years it is where both of my sisters and I would choose to go for our birthdays, so that meant at lest 3 times a year.I guess my parents got tired of living in the apartment so they bought a house in Harbor Green. I Lived there from when I was six until I was eight and a half. When I look at the distance from Bar Harbor to Nassau Shores, it makes me wonder why those friendships were lost. The other seemingly great mystery that I would love someone to resolve is whether the large west coast chain "In n Out Burger" somehow cloned the All American brand.


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