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The policy glistens with slime any way you look at it.“If I could not stop auto-renewal,” I told them, “I would like to cancel my account.” That’s when the barrage of offers started coming.When the six months was up, I was offered a great introductory deal.I forget exactly what the rate was, but it was far less than the .99/month default payment plan (7.88 when billed monthly for a year).The rep then asked if I would like to finish out my current plan.

There’s nothing quite like genre-sorted, slightly random playlists of singles peppered with a few b-sides. Pandora, i Tunes, Spotify, Grooveshark,… they’re all great on a desktop, workable on mobile, but get most into a car and you’re a slave to cell signal strength.I told them straight up that I wanted to stop auto-renewal because in the past I had received attractive offers to rejoin when I let my account lapse. Even though satellite radio is a luxury, Sirius XM portrays its company as a utility when explaining why every subscriber is forced to auto-renew.And their policy is not to notify monthly subscribers before their subscription is auto-renewed.The merger was not good for artists or fans, but who cares about them, right?No, this blog post is not about the obvious ethical bankruptcy of the FCC or of large media conglomerates like Sirius XM.And this is the low end of the cost — if you don’t own the hardware or want to access your Sirius XM online, it’s going to cost you extra.


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