Chat request from hot sexy

It never occurred to me that they thought I was hiding anything.

Even when I had five or six pics up some people still suggested they were probably old and wanted me to go away and take a new one.

There's doubtless many more out there hosting this stuff, for either titillation or trying to make a buck.

Whatever their motivation, such sites' willingness to expose deepfakes shows that AI is not to blame: whatever the technology allows, it takes people to put it to work.

One such, Ero Me, describes itself as “the best place to share your erotic pics and porn videos”.

And before people say its a dating site their pics should be shown , but its not just a dating site , is it ?

You must: be shallow; think I am a fake; just be after a legover Or- I only have 1 picture of myself; I don't know how to upload pictures and someone else loaded that one for me*sigh*So now I usually don't bother***@OP I'd assume that it's someone taking the piss...

If I don't know them, it's inevitably some sort of sexual/financial wind up - depending on how bored I am, I might play ping-pong for a bit, just for the crack.

I know that I am not the best looking guy in the world, but I do at least have the courage to put some on here for all to see.

That choice is down to the individual , not down to us to dictate to them to show their pics , if they want them kept private and wish to send to people they choose , then so be it let them carry on searching the way they have chosen .


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