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In the BBC version, he yelled, “You can have your divorce! ” to the couple, who we last see driving off into the countryside in a spiffing cream motor, all big eyes and longing and ridiculous ladies’ headwear.I FAR preferred the Beeb’s very of-themoment Doctor Foster (Wednesday, BBC1).

Le plus étonnant, c'est qu'il crée toujours aujourd'hui la polémique, même post-mortem.Cut to their lovely teenage son, large detatched house, fl ash cars... But it wasn’t long before their smug, middleclass lifestyle was under threat as doctor Gemma found a long, blonde hair on husband Simon’s scarf, and a lipstick in his trouser pocket, neither of them hers.It sent her into a major tizz as she set out to discover if her property developer husband was having an affair.Our delightful Victorian and Edwardian carriages, (dating back to 1864) have been beautifully restored to pristine condition, and all have genuine original fittings.When used in conjunction with one of our Victorian locomotives, the oldest of which was built in 1876, the perfect period atmosphere of a byegone age in a rural location can be recreated.In the mould of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned domestic noir novels such as Gone Girl, it was the story of when lives which appear perfect go wrong.


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