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I know I'm a bit behind in the Cold Fusion times, so I wanted to see if recent Cold Fusion releases have made any progress in this area.

To test, I got the list of top-level domains from ICANN.

You can use Route 53 as the DNS service for any domain, even if the TLD for the domain isn't included on the following lists.

For more information about Route 53 as a DNS service, see How Internet Traffic Is Routed to Your Website or Web Application.

The first part - the mailbox - can contain almost any character (though some need escaping).

And mail delivery can take minutes (a long time for a call back to wait in a web request).accept anything after the final period..There's no such thing as an "invalid TLD".An email address is made up of two parts, separated by an @ symbol.It also returns the reasoning behind why a domain name isn't valid.(NOTE: I prefer to skip MX checking when validating large lists.And just because you get accepted, doesn't mean it won't bounce in future.


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