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Items shared with the portal or the public can also be added to any group by that group's owner or manager.If you want to link or embed your map in a website, be sure it's shared with everyone.Currently, most Arc GIS apps do not support the item update capability.To find out whether this capability is supported in a specific Arc GIS app, refer to the app documentation.Even though you may have the same beneficiary, they might have changed addresses.A regular beneficiary review each year will make sure you capture these changes.

In addition to sharing your own items, you can share items owned by members of your organization that have been shared with your organization or the public.portals support feature layer views, the recommended way to manage hosted feature layer permissions in scenarios like this is to create a feature layer view from the hosted feature layer.In this way, you can share a read-only view with your organization, and only share the editable hosted feature layer with a group of editors.Certain life events such a marriage or the birth of a child or divorce should also trigger a review of your beneficiary information.This will save your family members a lot of unnecessary grief later on.This will make it much easier on your family members to file a claim and receive the benefit quickly.


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