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Activity releases endorphins, endorphins make us happy and then your date can associate this happiness with you – not to mention it’ll generally break the ice and get you and your date laughing and joking together.Wollongong benefits from an excellent cycleway network that traces its iconic coastline almost completely, starting at Thirroul.The Dragons play some home rugby matches here, as do the Hawks (basketball), and Wollongong F. Alternatively the city’s Motor Cross is a popular destination, and thrilling Wollongong dating idea.Or, you could always take a leaf out of Ross Gellers book and surprise them with a late-night visit to the Blue Scope Steel Planetarium.

It’s because our Compatibility Matching System identifies the matches that are deeply attuned to you, so you’ll only ever meet people that you’re really going to click with.

If you and your date are the more sedate kind of Wollongong singles .

The kind of people who are partial to spectator sports rather than any kind of strenuous physical exertion, you can always catch a game together at the WIN stadium.

Sit and chat under a recreated Martian night sky or see the real one up close and personal from the adjoining observatory.

Cultural dates are generally a great early idea as there’s plenty to look at, so the pressure’s off in terms of formal conversation-making.


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