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Free Form Role-Playing, by definition, has very few "rules." If you are uncertain about what Free Form Gaming is, please refer to our document What is Free Form Role Play.

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No one has the right to declare your character "dead" or insist you delete your screen name unless you have agreed with this outcome beforehand.Any player-to-player discussion should preferably be made via Instant Messaging (a built-in feature of Flash Chat), since no one else in the room wants to hear two players arguing OOC (out-of-character) over something that should remain IC (in-character) in the room.Conflict and physical altercations (fights) can make for some great role-play, but always be aware of how it is effecting the overall flow and tone of the room you are in.If at any time a request is made, such as "take it outside! Continuing such a scene in a room other than the Back Alley may be considered disruption.Out-of-character conversations should not be held in the chat room.Since we have no way to implement any sort of parental controls or otherwise handle "mature content," there are two important guidelines we need to bring to everyone's attention: In general, we will attempt to notify anyone who we feel has included content that does not fit these guidelines.


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