Gbd pipe dating

That Rhodesian shape (in GBD or the 999 Peterson), is a favorite and I was tickled to receive this one.It was also fun digging out the history behind took some research and cleanup to reveal the weak nomenclature. This stem has some cracks and I might get Walker to make me a new stem.Both are Colossus models, a 9677 "Bicentennial Seventy Six" Rhodesian and the other a shape 17 Oom Paul. But for now, the patina of the stem seems to fit the bowl and it smokes fine.

I have picked up several, all under , and some way under.Ganneval probably came from the area of Saint-Claude where he had learned making wooden pipes.Bondier's family obviously came from Paris and had emigrated in 1789 to Geneva.I'm been looking, unsuccessfully (well, outbid) for a 9438/9242 and this one fits that bill/shape desire perfectly. They came with some of the nicest thin, wide fishtail bits ( most of mine are SBs) and I LOVE 'em!My "newest" is a new /old one I found in a box and it has become my " Virginia " pipe and I can HIGHLY recomend any of the older ones ( with the metal, brass if possible, rondeles imbedid in the bit.They were in charge of the company for more than 50 years.


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