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“That actor has now been brought to me as a perfect choice for one of my films, and he may well be. ” I replied as follows: “Absolutely not — do what’s best for your film at all times, to your last dying breath.If the director you made your promise to was still with us, I would say ‘of course, keep your word.’ But he’s with the angels now, and you’re here and trying to make the best film possible. You kept your word to the departed director before he died, right? Now move on and make the best film that you can, and if you feel that casting the Devil himself will help you achieve that goal, then do that.” I was also thinking that the dying director had a strange attitude about this allegedly awful actor and especially about “water under the bridge” in general.Ipe ain't cheap—also called Brazilian Walnut, the stuff has to be shipped in from Central or South America—while chemically-treated Southern Yellow Pine was easily available and relatively affordable. Because boards made from Southern Yellow Pine needed to be replaced every ten years, bringing with it high maintenance costs.Pricey but hard-wearing Ipe was reckoned to last for 25 years.Relatively affordable, this is the same stuff that wooden roller coasters, like Coney Island's famous Cyclone, were made of.

The Parks Department cites the environmental concerns of continuing to harvest tropical rainforest wood and the maintenance costs; preservationists argue that natural wood is an essential ingredient of the Boardwalk's very identity.

The rise of pesticides changed the wood game after World War II.

By the 1950s Atlantic City had switched materials once again, this time going with chemically-treated Southern Yellow Pine.

Technically not a cedar at all, but a cypress, the tree grew well in wet areas and was naturally rot-resistant.

Ironically, these excellent properties are what made the wood an unsustainable choice.


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