Validating querystring

Finally you may ask: at which stage ASP NET MVC 3 will invoke these methods. This way, third parties such as Twitter, Instagram or Google Search can feel great about serving AMP pages to readers in increasingly interesting ways.In addition to AMP validity, you may also want to confirm that your AMP document is discoverable to third-party platforms.

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You will find that your application run without any unhandled exception. NET MVC 3 because Validate Input Attribute was present in the previous versions of ASP. So Validate Input attribute does not gives you the guarantee that your application is safe to XSS or XSRF. NET MVC team introduced granular request validation in ASP. This shows that the granular request validation in ASP. The reason is that Request flags are still not set to unvalidate. For making this work you need to use Unvalidated extension method, in this class file. NET MVC 2 application, then open cs file and the following lines, Now run this application again. Request validation is also active when custom HTTP modules are reading the contents of an HTTP request. An application that trusts user inputs may be easily vulnerable to XSS, XSRF, SQL Injection, etc attacks. For understanding what does enabled means here, we need to see Http Request. Now just update the Application_Begin Request method as, Note that I am calling Request. These flags are automatically set if you call Http Request. Now run the above application again(don't forget to append query string in the url) with the same settings(i.e, request Validation Mode="2.0" setting in web.config and Application_Begin Request method in cs), your application will run just fine. Validate Input method will internally set certain flags(discussed above). There are several ways available to validate an AMP document.


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