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An email alert sent to parents Friday morning said the school became aware of a potential threat made on social media. Having taken a bullet to the chest to protect President Ronald Reagan, former Secret Service Agent Timothy Mc Carthy has seen more than his share of adversity during his law enforcement career.

But Mc Carthy, longtime police chief in Orland Park, brought a message of encouragement to members of the... Oltman, 20, of the 600 block of Somonauk Street, Courtland, was charged Jan. Symbols like red roses, dark chocolates, golden champagne bubbles and sparkling diamonds are to my mind all a girl’s best friend.... I've always had a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. 14 is a great day to show your spouse, your kids and other loved ones that you care about and appreciate them.

1 in anticipation of Groundhog Day and surprised her students with an interactive lesson. A: In second grade we learn about communities and current...

Police and administrators at Mundelein High School said Friday that a student who posted a photo of a gun on social media posed no threat to himself or others.

I mostly used to lie on my back and chug through a series of sit-ups and leg pull-ups. He would lie on his back, too, and sort of wriggle around. Did you know you may be eligible for a discounted gym membership at an area park district or health club?

Were you aware you may have complementary access to a personalized health coach and/or diabetes management program?

"It saved me," said Mc Carty, a 53 year-old mom of two,...

A student at Mundelein High School has been charged with disorderly conduct after bringing his BB gun to school on Monday, police said.

That's because they're sitting at tables surrounding a facsimile of the Eiffel Tower that reaches to the ceiling.A few grade school art projects, his mother’s obituary and a picture album from his brother’s wedding are among the small handful of Randy Foss’ possessions that will be on display at his upcoming memorial service in Libertyville. The Mundelein Fire Department opened its doors to Life Source on Saturday for a blood drive that brought out dozens of donors. Midlothian Road, had a battery of signs up alerting motorists to the drive.The station's spacious basement provided one room...Travelocity says the rates change all the time, but... Not that she doesn't frequently do nice things for me. On this day, though, she went out to lunch with a friend. As officials at Mundelein High School District 120 prepare to review bids to sell a portion of the Village Green Golf Course next month, they are also discussing broader future facility plans. 16 meeting discussed a number of other needs to be identified in...Mundelein Elementary School District 75 officials said Monday their decision to update the school calendar was a compromise between parents who want two Jewish holidays to remain days off and others looking to align the district’s schedule with the high school. There were no injuries after a house fire broke out in Mundelein Tuesday morning. to the 200 block of North Prairie Avenue after a neighbor noticed smoke coming from the house, according to Mundelein Fire Chief Bill Lark. When she came back home, she had brought me a treat. Fathers and daughters took to the dance floor Saturday at the sold-out Daddy-Daughter Dance at the Regent Center in Mundelein.The following items were taken from Mundelein Police Department reports and press releases. 19 with attempt possession of controlled substance. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with the blitz of red, pink and white colors everywhere it’s impossible to miss. Dear Help Squad, I enjoyed your column "What to do when your i Phone slows down or drains battery quickly." I had a disturbing experience with Apple on this same subject and wondered if you thought I should make something of it or just move on to an after-market solution. On the other, when it comes to romantic relationships, there's pressure involved with gift-giving and/or...


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