Internet dating for short guys

Short people have no feelings, short people have no reason to live. I mean, you put the vibe out to 30 million chicks, something is gonna happen.

Thought I was 5-10 most of my adult life, measured over 5-11 at the doctor last month, had them measure twice. I mean I just send out this vibe and I have personally found that women do respond.

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At the outset, I can understand: women are typically shorter than men; and if a man falls way below that variance it’s fairly easy to deduce he may be seen as less attractive to the general population.So for those of you who are single and looking, remember: there may be a whole lot of perfectly eligible bachelors you might be (literally) overlooking.If there are any dudes on here that are 5'7 or under I would like to hear your thoughts on this . I mean, you put the vibe out to 30 million chicks, something is gonna happen. We went to a Halloween party this year, at this enormous house in the burbs owned by this divorced doctor who's had the same live-in boyfriend for some years. Back by the screened-in pool, though, he has a drum set and a few amplifiers that he putzes around with. For a woman like that, maybe, she's making all the money she needs, so she's just looking for a man that she's not gonna end up verbally brawling with, or whatever it was that led she and her ex to divorce. I would never even consider trading my height for a larger bank account. And while they may be more successful themselves in todays age and into the future, they still want their man to make more money than them."It’s mind-boggling," says Gerard, 31, who is 5'10"."You see these women who are overweight and unattractive clamoring for a tall man on their profiles, but I can’t ask that the girl be attractive or under a certain weight.” Now, the above quote crystallizes an important point.No one here is claiming that guys aren't guilty of being shallow, too.


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