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This Agreement also includes relevant agreements, business rules and other contents of the Services that Tencent may publish from time to time.Once any of such contents is officially published, it constitutes an integral part of this Agreement, with which you should also comply.” being operated within mainland China) provided by Tencent to the users, supporting single-person and multi-person participation and instant messaging services including transmission of voice SMS, video, pictures and text, and also refer to the software licenses and services, including but not limited to relation chain extension, convenience tools, Weixin official accounts, open platforms and other functions and features (hereinafter referred to as the "Services").2.2.1 You need to download Tencent Weixin client to use the Services.For private support you can open a support ticket via web or email.https://whatismyipaddress.com/contact Contact us – Google Ways to contact teams at Google. to use Tencent Weixin (hereinafter referred to as the "Software") and relevant services.However, you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided at the time of registration for the purpose of security and identification (such as the Weixin account appeal service).6.6 Tencent attaches great importance to the protection of personal information of minors.If you are a minor, you should obtain the written consent of your parents or legal guardians before using Tencent's services.7.1.1 You need to register a Weixin account through a mobile phone number before using the Services.Please carefully read and fully understand the content of each term, in particular the terms with respect to exemption or limitation of liability, and any separate agreement to activate or use some specific services, and choose to accept them or not.You may be prompted for the terms exempting or limiting liability in bold form.

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In case of binding with an e-mail account, please use an e-mail account that is not bound to any account in the Weixin Official Platform.Tencent adopts professional encryption storage and transmission methods for related information, in order to protect the user's personal information.6.2 You need to provide some necessary information when registering an account or using the Services.For example, you need to fill in the mobile phone number so that Tencent can provide you with account registration service or user identification; the function of “People Nearby” needs your consent to use your location information; and the matching function of mobile phone contacts requires your authorization of accessing to your mobile phone contacts and so on.If relevant national laws and regulations or policies have special provisions, you need to provide real identity information.If the information you provide is incomplete, you are not allowed to use the Services or you may be restricted during use of the Services.6.3 In general, you may browse and modify your own information at any time.Tencent will take reasonable measures to protect the user's personal information.


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