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Nikki and Natalie are also really great friends from my own season. This is 100% the Most Dramatic Season in Bachelor History! I just can’t stand going to the mall and dealing with crowds, parking lot, etc.We’ve all gone through this crazy experience on the show and no one else in our lives can relate to it, so we immediately form a bond. I just feel like the format of the show has changed so much since our season. That being said, at the moment, I’m constantly shopping on Urban Outfitters, Asos, and Shopbop. I'm so glad to catch up with one of my favorite contestants.Molly and Jason are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise.Guests provided their guesses on gender and baby’s arrival date.Two years later, they proved they are the real deal. We each got a massage, went out for a nice dinner, and just enjoyed each other’s undivided attention! I am close with a lot of the ladies from the Bachelor.They may be one of the two lasting couples, but their love it truly one of a kind. She found love, a husband and is an amazing step-mom to Ty. Jason’s season was one of the best and Molly is one of my favorite contestants from the series. I would say I’m closest with Ali, Jillian, and Trista.Mesnick, a fan favorite, was rejected by Pappas for snowboarder Jesse Csincsak in "The Bachelorette" finale. As many of you know (or maybe don’t), before Jason Mesnick’s season, this site was never about spoilers.

Their love faced tabloids, hardships and they are as happy as ever. It was just a great excuse to get out of the house and relax. Do you remain close with any other Bachelor contestants?

Jason and Molly have been a great couple to share stories with, ask for advice, and look up to, for when Chris and I are ready for our own kiddos.

They balance work, family, and each other like champs, always with a smile on their faces.

In an interview, he talks about being engaged; the breakup of Bachelorette De Anna Pappas and snowboarder Jesse Csincsak; being the Bachelor and his son Ty.

By Nicole Tsong Seattle Times staff reporter "Bachelorette" De Anna Pappas meets Jason Mesnick for the first time.


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