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The first connections of South Carolina with the Bahá'í Faith occur in the presence of the first Bahá'i to join the religion in the West with his service in the American Civil War in South Carolina 30 years before he would join the religion, followed by re-publication of the first paper to mention events related to the history of the Bahá'í Faith. He then sought out a second opportunity to serve and in 1865 was promoted to captain and commanded Company D of the 104th United States Colored Infantry.

After seeking out training to be an officer black infantry units, which fought two battles south of Charleston, S. The first mention related to the history of the religion known in South Carolina was in a newspaper article.

you must either go yourselves or send a number of blessed souls to those states, so that they may guide the people to the kingdom of heaven." The new ones included the quote "unquestionably the divine teachings must reveal themselves with a brighter effulgence…

and the fragrances of holiness be diffused with swiftness and rapidity" comparing the situation with Gregory the Illuminator facing the Armenia of long ago but setting the context in seeking freeing the people from racial prejudice - a line of action he foresaw would have "a transforming impact on the United States and the world".

In the meantime, unbeknownst to Gregory, a year later Twine was committed to a mental institution by his mother and family priest, Rev. By the winter of 1912-13 she was back in the Augusta-North August-Aiken area.

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Communities of Bahá'ís were soon operating in North Augusta, Columbia and Greenville struggled with segregation culture through the 1950s externally and internally.

Louise was the community delegate to the 1919 nations convention.

Bahá'í speakers continued to be invited and in 1920 Assadu'llah Mazindarani - a designated scholar sent by `Abdu'l-Bahá - addressed a colored audience of some 65 men who left with "tears in their eyes." Though interrupted by World War I, in 1916–1919 the Tablets of the Divine Plan were written by `Abdu'l-Bahá and released in stages - calling for attention in various areas including a delineation of "the southern states" noting "…

Gregory spoke at a number of engagements in Charleston in 1910 and encountered a minister who had been to Green Acre and heard of the religion.

Gregory wrote to the Hannen's of it "…[Twine] was particularly impressed with the explanation concerning 'clouds.' He added that if Christ were to come thru the literal clouds, he certainly would be hidden from half the earth, in view of its roundness." Gregory left and would be away for a number of years. Lowery, She also met `Abdu'l-Bahá when he visited the US in 1912 including a private interview directing her to return to the South and promote the religion.


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