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After scouring the internet and leafing through magazines for ideas, I’d narrowed down choices. As usual the dog hopped in the back of the car, eager to come along on the ride. Curled contentedly on his blanket, he was soon snoring quietly.In fact he was so quiet that I completely forgot he was there when I parked the car at the railway station, bought a ticket and got on the train.Then there are the reading glasses left in the fridge and the pint of milk heaved upstairs to help with some bedtime reading. A recent study revealed that a third of women under 30 can’t remember their own phone number or recall the birthdays of just three of their close relatives.However, if you feel inclined to dismiss me as some batty old menopausal nutcase (I’m 52) think again. Meanwhile, a study of 150 people between 20 to 35 found that more than one in ten suffer severe memory problems.‘I couldn’t possibly get through all that I have to do in a day any other way. I forget things and make mistakes.’Scientists have discovered that women who multi-task the most actually have the worst memory problems.

Auditory information is processed by the primary auditory cortex located in the temporal lobes, which lie on the side of the brain.

In the midst of everything else, she started pouring herself a cup of coffee — and poured it straight into the drawer.

‘I couldn’t believe I could be so stupid,’ she sighs.

‘But sometimes my brain just seems to scream: “Enough.” From the second I get up in the morning I’m multi tasking.

I’m getting dressed, shouting at the kids to get out of bed and planning the day’s first meeting — all at the same time.


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