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Even if you are before the court (literally “on behalf of myself”), you are expected to write a lawyer-like declaration, and to present accurate, neat, lawyer-like pleadings.I have had private conversations with judges who tell me that they dread seeing the unrepresented child custody, child support and alimony cases come before them.When she’s only half-heartedly participating in his demands – that she really likes him, how he looks and his apartment – should he have taken that as a sign to stop?Would it be reasonable to assume that she was still consenting?

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Also, I am able to be objective, writing your request for child support, increased time with your children or spousal support in a way that will impress the judge without sounding shrill.

Would you like more detailed instructions on How to Write Declarations the Court Will Read?

depicted rape, sexual assault or just bad sex helped bring the topic to the forefront of the Internet.

In many ways, the focus on “no” puts the burden – yet again – on women to rein in the libidos of men who presumably can’t control themselves… Women are often socialized to be non-direct for fear of causing offense; many women are frequently uncomfortable with being up front with saying “No, I don’t want this.” In the case of , Natalia protests to Adam that she hasn’t taken a shower; she’s trying to give him the wave-off as he pulls her underwear down but he either misses her meaning or possibly ignores it deliberately.

Alcohol also has a way of making a definitive “no” hard to recognize.


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