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Of course, marking someone "datable" doesn't mean you want to date them yourself.

It's more of a recommendation to your single friends.

"You're much more likely to have something in common if you share the same extended circle," Brotzman says.

First-time users can optimize their experience by growing their networks.

It starts by building a network of single ladies and bachelors.

Users sign onto The Datable with a Facebook account and start tagging datable friends.

No other data other than your Facebook profile picture is accessed or stored by Dating All Hours, and your Facebook profile photo is only stored by Dating All Hours once you actually create a membership.

Finding a suitable photo for your profile picture can sometimes be difficult and time consuming: - You may not have a lot of up-to-date or suitable photos on your computer to use for your dating profile - It can be time consuming to resize and/or crop your photo - Your photos are still stored in your camera or mobile phone rather than on your computer to be able to upload them - You don't have access to your computer where your photos are stored - You may be using your mobile phone to view this website and there may not be functionality to allow you upload a photo using your phone - Alot of photos of you are on Facebook to give you greater choice A Facebook account has good functionality to upload your own photos into one place, you can share photos between friends and upload photos from mobile phones.

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By using the application to connect to Facebook your Facebook profile picture can be used as your Dating All Hours profile picture.If you are not already logged into Facebook you may see something similar to the following: This Facebook login screen may mention for you to log in to use you account with Dating All Hours (circled in red), although as stated above these log in details are not stored by Dating All Hours 3.Once you have logged into Facebook, you may see a screen similar to this: This states that Dating All Hours is requesting permission to access your basic information.Why should singles use The Datable rather than more established rival services?Only 4% of marriages occur after couples meet on dating websites, Brotzman says.If you decide you are happy to allow Dating All Hours to use your Facebook profile picture and that you have the right to distribute the picture, you will be redirected back to the Create Membership webpage of the Dating All Hours website where your Facebook profile picture will be displayed.


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