The infrared wireless port when updating

It’s very reasonable to have more than one document open at a time with an SXGA 14-inch screen.

The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road.

The whites on this screen are also not pure white but rather have a very slight tint of yellow, it’s not uncommon to find that an LCD presents whites with either a very slight yellowish or bluish hue.

Although the screen brightness is not the best out there, I find the horizontal viewing angle of the T43 to be quite excellent.

Since the Think Pad T43 is intended for and targeted at business buyers, continuing on this look is just perfect.

Important to note is that there is both a 15.0″ and 14.1″ screen configuration available, our T43 is the 14.1″.

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The Think Pad’s insides are housed in a case of titanium-reinforced plastic.

When compared to other notebook screens such as the Sony XBrite screen or Toshiba Tru Brite screen, the IBM T43 falls short.

Brightness and clarity on the T43 does not match the top screens out on the market today.

On the left side of the Think Pad T43 we have a majority of our ports. Personally I’d like to see more than just 2 ports, but for a thin and light this is acceptable, although not optimal. The modem and Ethernet jacks reside next to the S-Video port.

Headphone out and microphone in ports are sandwiched between the Ethernet port and fan vent.


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