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All in all, there's a lot to do for a small college." Although EC "does not have any fraternities or sororities, people still find lots of ways to get connected.

Partying on weekends is common, but it's not rampant.

A strong intercollegiate athletic program in NCAA Division III and more than 100 extracurricular clubs and activities, including intramural sports, provide students with many opportunities outside the classroom.

Community service and internships are included as graduation requirements for all students.

Annual award for an undergraduate or graduate student at Brooklyn College in New York majoring in the Classics. Annual award for an undergraduate or graduate student attending Brooklyn College-CUNY in New York. Annual award for student who is a senior at Hamilton College in New York. Scholarship for graduate students attending New York University in New York full-time.

Elmira College is all about school spirit, students agree, pointing to the ubiquitous octagons (the official school shape) and purple everything ("Our school color is everywhere: the rugs, the walkways, the soap in the bathrooms, the rock salt in winter..punch for special occasions").

" Worse still, some here feel the city is "sketchy and unsafe." Others counter "the idea that Elmira is 'sketchy' depends on where your hometown is "says one student." My hometown is a big city, so this area seems really tame to me." Fortunately, "Elmira College knows this" about its hometown and compensates.

"Every weekend they set up some comedian or band to come and play." In addition, campus life provides "athletic events all week and movies every weekend, usually ones that were in theaters and are very popular!

We're not made of money and can't afford that every week, never mind every night!

The ever-present school spirit is something a fact that many here find appealing, and a few feel is "a little ridiculous." Undoubtedly the school is best suited to those who long to immerse themselves in community-building traditions.

It also helps if they enjoy co-curricular requirements like the Encore Program (students must attend eight performing arts productions each term during freshman and sophomore years) and community service (60 hours during freshman year).

The area of specialization is open but we invite candidates whose scholarship and teaching present Europe within a global context.

Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to undergraduate teaching, scholarly research, and service to the college.


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