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It’s important to before someone else does, even if you don’t plan on using the account for a while. We’ve found a few free Twitter backgrounds that you can download below, but for now just stick to the ones that Twitter has given you to choose from.You can change these in your “Settings”, the link for which is located under your picture on your profile page on the right sidebar.You’re missing so much updating twitterabout 2 hours ago from Twitterlicious robindanar: @Lefsetz Tracey rules and she’s a real music lover.Your tweets tonight are way deeper than missing Coachella! Beck’s a G-d.about 2 hours ago from twitterrific grahamfarrar: @Lefsetz do you have a phone that can take twitpics?Wondering how your favorite player's contract negotiations are going?If he's represented by Alvin Keels, then you can have the kind of access that was once kept behind closed doors. Refusing to be kept out of the fun, the New York Jets have decided to (hypothetically) join the latest Web 2.0 craze.

It has grown into a behemoth that is hard to get your hands around, which is why we’ve put this article together for you.

Not sure what he’s doing these days, would like to know.about 4 hours ago from web Perry Chicago: @Lefsetz Jeff Beck rocked the Park West in Chicago last Thursday. about 3 hours ago from Twitter Berry Lefsetz: Harvey just introduced me to Tracey Ullmann.about 3 hours ago from Twitter Berry Lefsetz: Rod Stewart’s gonna come out. It’s like being at the best garage rehearsal in the sixties!

Harvey intro’d Davy Knowles, 60s acoustic blues, not about hits. about 4 hours ago from Twitter Berry mary_cg: @Lefsetz Would enjoy seeing a review of Jeff Beck here or in your blog. The girl bass player looks like Derek Trucks’ sister and plays about as well.about 3 hours ago from Twitter Berry Lefsetz: They’re all grouped together on stage.

LOLabout 2 hours ago from txt bbluesman: what ajoy to see @lefsetz music geekgasming over Jeff beck live on Twitterabout 2 hours ago from i Tweet Alfred Spellman: @Lefsetz Jan composed the score to our documentary Cocaine Cowboys B9S (expand) — the score is on CD Baby Urw (expand)about 2 hours ago from Tweet Deck Lefsetz: Joss Stone doing Sly Stone’s I Wanna Take You Higher. Saw Sly do it at MSquare Garden BEFORE Woodstock movie.about 2 hours ago from Twitter Berry mbrosen: @Lefsetz This is being recorded, yeah?

about 1 hour ago from Twitter Fon Perry Chicago: @Lefsetz Wasn’t going to spoil to spoil the double bass moment for you in advance, but I had the same thought: never saw that before . .about 1 hour ago from web Lefsetz: Hanging with Jeff.


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