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The more you take the pressure off, the more confidence you exude, which makes you that much more attractive.When I was looking for love, I stopped hoping each man would be The One and got comfortable simply getting to know the guys. What will make it more enjoyable is to stay positive and keep at it. That’s perfectly fine, but don’t hide out for too long since it can become your new status which won’t help you find love.Eventually, after my husband and I were completely frustrated with the topics that our children were coming home with from their ‘church time’ on Sundays, we brought them into our church service instead.

But, as a rule, why should our own children be ushered out of the ‘big people church’ and miss out on worshiping together as a family? The kids were loving our Pastor’s services almost as much as Dave and I did.

His sermons are relavent, funny, gripping, and most importantly, based on The Word.

He preaches about things that steer you closer to Christ, and gives you points to think about to sustain you for the week.

Surely I can understand some reluctance from church leaders if you have a baby who is always crying during a sermon, or your toddler is constantly out of sorts.

In that case, it is necessary to reevaluate whether or not the nursery should be utilized for your infant, and more time working at home on obedience training for your little wiggle worm.


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