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Little did Hilary Duff know that her innocent tween romance would continue to haunt her into 2014.

Though everything was all smiles on Lizzie Mc Guire's Christmas special that featured Carter, Aaron's party soon ended, but his pining did not.

Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money, and for some time, Hils liked Joel Madden.

The pair was together from the time that Duff was 16 to 19, and Joel was 25 to 28.

"Apparently a dark point in both of the former Disney Channel stars' dating history.

Just Jared says the two went on a date in 2011, and La Beouf later told Details that it was "probably the worst date either of us has ever had." It's unclear whether they met when they were both at peak Disney fame on Lizzie Mc Guire and Even Stevens, but Disney is a very insular, exclusive club, so it might just be. Hilary Duff dated Malcolm in the Middle, which means she probably also met Brian Cranston by proxy.

If she wants to just do her and not date anyone, that's great.

But if she wants to take the plunge with her Hil-heart, I have a few suggestions for her. Aka Adam Lamberg, who was the perfect dude on Lizzie Mc Guire.

She began dating Mike Comrie, an NHL hockey player, in 2007.

She was one of the original Disney Channel sweethearts — years before Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana — and now she's back with a vengeance with her new album Breathe In.

Obviously, her first round as a sensation was when she played Lizzie Mc Guire, the coolest girl we wished we knew in real life on the Disney Channel.

I mean, she started dating when she was super young, and who knows what they're doing then?

I had my first kiss in eighth grade in an English classroom at lunch — everybody gets a pass.


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