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A status bar will slowly grow, indicating how much time is left on the recording.

We suggest you check with your internet service provider if you don't have enough upload bandwidth available. Spot Cam is designed to work with 802.11 b/g/n networks on 2.4GHz frequency bands, so you want to make sure your Wi-Fi is broadcasting on 2.4GHz frequency bands as well.

You can alternatively open the broadcaster in a new window by going directly to this link: When the broadcaster loads you will see a message that asks if Flash can access your camera and microphone.

Click "Allow" (Clicking "deny" will prevent the broadcaster from accessing your camera).

To verify this, our suggestion is to move your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router and see if it can work. - Microwave ovens - Wireless transmitters (radio transmitters, cellular transmitters, etc.) - Wireless devices which operate at 2.4 GHz (security equipment, Bluetooth, Zigbee, cordless telephones, etc.) 2.

We can confirm the weak signal cause the problem if Wi-Fi connection is working fine when you place your Spot Cam closer to Wi-Fi router. There are some guide lines you can follow to improve Wi-Fi connection when you place Spot Cam. Wireless communication range and quality may be affected if the following types of objects are located between Spot Cam and Wi-Fi router.


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